souvenir: closeup of david cook's tshirt which reads "make cupcakes, not war." ([dfc] make cupcakes not war.)

you can keep my heart, it's got no use here

call it a souvenir

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Birthdate:Jan 30
Location:New York, United States of America

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11:11, 30 rock, a scale of 1-awesome, absurdly beautiful boys, alex suarez, almost famous, also into cats, alternate realities, analog heart, andrew mcmahon, androgyny, andy skib, angel, any guy/any other guy, anyone with a guitar, armies made from matches, arrested development, art, autumn reeser, band of ultimate hotass, bandom, barack obama, basically anything awesome, bass players, battlestar galactica, being fabulous, being honest, bisexuality, bones, bookstores, boys in eyeliner, boys in girl jeans, breaking the fourth wall, broadway, brushes with celebrity, buffy the vampire slayer, butch walker, charlie kaufman, cheap champagne, chuck klosterman, chuck palahniuk, chuck/blair, church of hot addiction, cigarettes & chocolate milk, cobra starship, crossword puzzles, david boreanaz, david cook, david fucking cook, david wright, dcts, decaydance, designer purses, diet coke, disney, driving aimlessly, empire records, everything 80's, fake news, fall out boy, fangbangers, feeling infinite, firefly, free speech, friday night lights, gabe saporta, gabe/leighton, gay rights, going back to paris, gossip girl, gratuitous pretty much anything, guys named david apparently, gym class heroes, heavy f*kn bass, hedwig &the angry inch, himym, humming hallelujah, japanese bagel rolls, joey clement, john krasinski, jon walker, kathy griffin, katy perry, kisses on the necks of 'bestfriends', kitten poker, kurt vonnegut, leighton meester, libraries, literature, live music, ludo, magic rainbows, marathoning tv shows, mary sue fantasies, mikey fuckin way, movie musicals, mwk, my cats, my chemical romance, my iphone, my so-called life, neal tiemann, neil patrick harris, new york city, panic at the disco, patrick stump, pete wentz, playing scrabble, politics, pro-choice, procrastinating, rahm emanuel, reading, reefer madness, regina spektor, remembering heath ledger, roller coasters, ryan star, saturday night live, screening my phone calls, seth green, slash, sleeping 'till noon, songs about hips and hearts, southland, sparkly things, spelling things correctly, starbucks iced white mochas, stuff that's mind-bending, sunsets in my veins, tanqueray and tonics, tattoos, the cab, the color pink, the florida keys, the oc, the office, tim riggins, travis mccoy, true blood, true romance, twittering obsessively, two boys one mic, txt msgs, unrepentant fangirling, unresolved sexual tension, vampires, wasting away in margaritaville, writing, xo
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